Interlibrary Loan


Due to the limited budget and shelving space, the Bellevue Public Library does not own all materials that are requested by our patrons. Interlibrary loan is used through SILO or State of Iowa Libraries Online to obtain materials that are beyond the scope of our collection.

Using Interlibrary Loan:

Simply call the library or send us a message to request your materials. 


Patrons will be limited to 6 items requested per month. The total amount could increase depending on the type of materials and usage intended. For example: a library sponsored book club or a school teacher requesting more materials when used for a school related activity.

Circulation Period:

The circulation period is set by the lending library. Renewals are not encouraged but an exception can be made by the director of library staff to request a renewal. The final decision is up to the discretion of the lending library.

Patrons will be contacted up to 2 times when an item is recieved at the library and contact dates will be noted. If the item(s) is not picked up by the patron by the date due, the patron will be charged the full cost of the return postage and may forfeit their right to request materials through SILO.


Recently, the cost of the service has been removed! It is now free to use Interlibrary Loan.