Patron Conduct Policy


Patron Behavior Policy

The Board of Trustees believes that Library patrons have the right to use Library materials and services without being unduly interfered with by other Library users; that Library patrons and employees have the right to an environment that is secure and comfortable; and that Library patrons and employees should have access to a facility and materials that are in good condition.

No person shall engage in any conduct which unduly interferes with the normal use of the facility by patrons or employees of the Library. Cell phones must be on mute or vibrating mode and all calls must be taken outside of the Library.

Activities such as campaigning, petitioning, interviewing, survey taking, soliciting or selling are not allowed in the Library unless expressly authorized by the Library Director.

Patrons are expected to wear appropriate clothing, which includes wearing shirst and shoes while in the Library.

Patrons whose body hygiene is offensive so as to cause a nuisance to others shall be required to leave the Library.

Any person whose conduct unduly interferes with the lawful and normal use of the Library by patrons and employees will be warned that his or her Library privileges will be revoked and he or she will not be allowed to enter the Library if such behavior continues. If this person continues to unduly interfere with the lawful and normal use of the Library, the person will be barred from the Library for a period of time or may, in some cases, be permanently barred. If Library privileges are reinstated, and if the person continues to unduly interfere with the lawful and normal use of the Library, action will be taken by the Library to bar the individual from Library property for a longer period of time. Library staff has the authority to exclude any disruptive patron and may summon poilice if necessary.

Adults are responsible for their children's behavior while on Library property. Any child under the age of 9 must be accompanied by an adult. Disruptive children will be asked to leave the building after recieving one verbal warning. Police may be called to provide immediate assistance, which may result in suspension of Library privileges for the child and the responsible adult at the discretion of the Library Director.

Animals are not permitted in the Library, except for service aniamls or for program activities or by express permission of the Library Director.

Under Iowa Code 692A.113 the Bellevue Public Library is considered an "exclusion zone" any person convicted of a sex offense against a minor is prohibited from being present on the real property of a public library without the written permission of the Library Director. The foregoing statute further prohibts such a person from loitering withing three hundred feet of the real property boundary of a public library. Requests by a person convicted of a sex offense against a minor to visit the Library must be made in writing to the attention of the Library Director. No permission will be granted to such person to enter the Children's Department or the Teen Department of the Library. The Police Department will be notified if any person believed to have been convicted of a sex offense against a minor is on Library property without written permission from the Library Director.

The Bellevue Public Library is a Firearm and Weapon Free Zone in accordance with Resolution No. 01-11 adopted by the Bellevue City Council. Firearms and other weapons are prohibited in the Library. Law enforcement officers, members of the Armed Forces of the United States or Iowa National Guard, persons in the service of the United States of America and correctional officers serving in an institution under authority of the Iowa Department of Corrections are exempt from this policy. The issuance of permits to carry fire arms to nonprofessionals does not infringe on the Library Board of Trustees authority or power to adopt a policy to restrict weapons on the ground, or in the building of the Bellevue Public Library.


Adopted February 2019


Disruptive Behavior Policy


It is the policy of the Bellevue Public Library to provide a safe, comfortable environment that is conducive to the use of library facilities, resources, and equipment either by individuals or small groups. The library is designed for the use of all members of the public. Patrons are expected to observe the rights of other patrons and staff members and to use the library for its intended purposes.


Behavior Not Allowed in the Library:

  • Any behavior that endangers the safety or health of others
  • Violation of any local, state or federal law
  • Vandalism or deliberate destruction of library properties. The perpetrators will be financially responsible for any destruction of library property.
  • Theft of library materials or the personal property of other patrons or staff members.
  • Deliberate disruption of library procedures (including the work onf the staff)
  • Use of abusive language
  • Loud talking or laughing that disturbs or could disturb other patrons
  • Sleeping as well as eating or drinking in areas not designmated for these activities
  • Loitering in the building or on the grounds
  • Inappropriate dress (shirts and shoes must be worn at all times)
  • Roller blades or skate boards (etc) in the building, courtyard, parking area
  • Entry into PERSONNEL ONLY areas
  • Use of cell phones that is disruptive to other patrons



In most cases, patrons who are behaving inappropriately in the library will be given one warning by the library supervisor of the day and asked to behave in an appropriate manner. Patrons who refuse to behave more appropriately after one warning will be asked to leave the library. Serious violations, which include behaviors that are absolutely unacceptable, do not require a warning, but can result in the loss of library privileges for as long as the director deems necessary.

In the cases in which a patron poses a clear danger to her/him or others, deliberately violates the law or refuses to leave the library after being asekd to leave by the supervisor of the day, the police will be called to handle the situation.

In extreme cases where a patron is consistently disruptive every time he/she visits the library, the Director will bring the matter to the attention of the Board of Trustees who shall decide on any further action.


Approved February 2019