Circulation Policy


I. Library service shall be extended to any resident of the City of Bellevue and to any rural resident of Jackson County. Personal identification may include but is not limited to a current driver's license or any other recognized form of identity. Also, upon presentation of any other recognized Iowa library card, service will be extended to other residents of Iowa.


II. All library materials are checked out for two weeks, which includes our books, periodicals, DVDs and books on tape. Items may be renewed either in person or over the phone. Renewals may be refused if the item is in demand. Books recieved from interlibrary loan may not be renewed unless special permission is obtained from the lending library.


III. Patrons may check out as many items as they wish. Children may check out as many materials as they wish with parental consent.


IV. Overdue materials accumulate fines at a rate of $0.10 per day, $0.50 per week and $2.00 per month. Damanged books are fined to cover the cost of the repair. Lost books are assessed at their replacement value.


V. When a patron has accumulated $2.00 or more in fines, his or her borrowing privileges will be suspended until the fine is paid.


VI. Library materials deposited in the book return after 3:30 PM will be considered as returned the following day.


VII. A nominal of not more than $5.00 will be required on each microfilm ordered from the Federal Archives and Record Center including genealogical research plus an additonal charge for copies made.


VIII. A patron number system is used to protect the privacy of the patron. No information linking an item to its reader will be provided unless legal procedure is follwed. The Bellevue Public Library Board of Trustees recognizes that the circulation records of the library are confidential in nature and advises all library employees that such records shall not be made available to anyone, including any agency of federal, state or local government except pursuant to federnal, state or local law relating to civil, criminal or administrative investigatory power. Furthermore, the library will resist the issuance or enforcement of any such process, order or subpoena until such time as a proper showing of good cause has been made in a court of competent jurisdiction.


IX. It will be the policy of the Bellevue Public Library that members of a book club will assist with the postage charge or returning books borrowed from other libraries.


X. Any patron may have access to the entire collection, except in the case of a minor child whose parent or guardian specifies limitations in writing.


Approved February 2019